11 April 2008

Now we are the Only School with Rugby Balls!

Praise be to Jesus the most gracious.

Hope you are happy and sometimes thinking of Uganda.
I am sorry for taking so long to communicate , but one thing I noticed is that after your visit, my life was changed and now I see things in a new way.
• I feel important and alive.
• I feel highly respected.
• My zeal for working for the community was re-kindled.
• You may never know what an impact your visit had on us but it was so great.
• The number of children has greatly increased from 80-100 to 150 pupils, though they don't pay but atleast they do come to school.
• In lower classes, we had never been able to do drawing and shading for lack of coloured pencils but now children want to do it almost everyday. They enjoy it so much.
• 90% of our children knew not the pencil sharpeners.
• We used to borrow past papers from other schools and exercise books from pupils of other schools in order to get worksheets and other teaching materials.
• Having been so humbled and touched, I now move around villages searching for the children who do not attend school to come and enjoy school life at Springs Alive although some can not afford to come to the school because they lack clothing, can't afford to buy exercise books and pencils. Sometimes I have to convince their parents to allow them time off their farms to come to school.
• Teachers now enjoy teaching because of the text books we received- although we need more skilled teachers from there to come and share education experience with us.
• The sharpeners, crayons and the pencils, the teddies made us feel special-it was our first time to see them.
• Many professional teachers now come in with their applications for jobs though we have not yet got the capability of paying them.
• The renovations made caused a lot of comfort to both teachers and pupils because we used to move from one shade to another to another and the next, in accordance to what the weather was. We used to sit three classes in one room but now there is room at least room for some classes to sit as one class.
• The balls we received from Roath Park Primary school have brought a big change. We started training ourselves and on Friday 4/April 2008, we are having a friendly match with a neighbouring school-thanks.! We indeed now have some kind of recognition as regards sports competition here in our Town Council-Kakiri, not to forget mentioning that so far according to the survey made we are the only school in our Town Council with rugby balls!
• Thank you for the computer, for I can now do such a work on my own.
Friday 28th march 2008 was the day we received money into springs alive account at Stanbic bank Uganda which you sent on 28th Feb. 2008. We have now embarked on the new school construction; you will see update pictures and expenditures soon. Otherwise we have attached the draft sketch of how the new roath park class is going to look like.
Roath Park Primary school, we have you at heart and all we can say is God bless you.

Yours truly
Nalwebuga Teddy-headteacher.

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