10 December 2008

Promoting Performance Acceleration in School

As our Third term ends, we usually have children get promoted from one class to another. Children who excel are promoted to another class while those who fail in their end of term exams repeat the class.

At Springs Alive Children’s Centre, we usually give particular acknowledgment to children who have excelled. This term, we gave special gratitude to children who have been in Nursery (Top Class Section) and are starting their primary one next year.

Nursery Section here is made up of three sub-sections i.e. Baby Class, Middle Class and Top Class with ages ranging between 3 – 6 years. We dress these Children in Ceremonial outfits as graduates.

We also have other activities coupled with the event which include; presentation of gifts, award of recommendations and/or certificates, much and/or good cooking and eating, music show and/or entertainment, parent’s involvement etc.

All this is done in recognition of the progress these children have made, with a significance that they have moved from an easy or basic/elementary level to a more difficult or important level. In this way we motivate these children to keep their grades high.

Special thanks go to the teachers who help these children to learn and are always with them when they are at school.

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