02 March 2009

Chairman’s Editorial

Our Dear Esteemed Readers,

Many thanks for visiting our web page and keeping abreast with issues of Springs Alive! We bring you hearty warm greetings from the children in our care and are delighted to hear from you!

2008 was an eventful year and despite the global financial down-turn, we remain resolved and optimistic that we will continue to turn the lives of children around with your continued support.
After counting-down another memorable year of opportunity and challenge, we are happy to record an expanding global ring of friendship including: Whitkirk Primary school in (UK), ripplingpond blog in Alpharetta (USA), Multitech Business Research Centre in Uganda (MBRC), Construction Engineering Management Technology and IUPUI-Purdue School of Engineering & Technology to mention but a few. As we mark our 4th year, we celebrate the fire that has kept burning within us to keep Springs Alive Children’s Centre going strong.

We hope to correspond and bring the little dreams of the children to reality. We have constructed a new classroom block to meet the needs of up to 120 pupils! We are delightful to let you know that our prayers were answered when children from Roathpark extended their generosity in November 2008 with donations for building Springs Alive Children’s Centre (SPACC). Since then, we have been able to build the new class rooms and modify the existing structures to meet the town council requirements.

We count the blessings of our friends and partners as we seek to expand our mandate in the coming years. The training opportunity with the Integrated Food Security Classification (IPC) November workshop sponsored by Oxfam GB in Nairobi, all the more reminded us of the development work in our midst. We extend our warmest gratitude to Roathpark friends, may the good Lord bless you abundantly!

In 2009, we like to reach out to the children who have continued to write to us and invite new friends to our expanding tree of love and affection, beneath which children grow!

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