14 July 2009

Hallelujah x 2 Praise the Lord! Say Hallelujah again. God is Good!

The most excellent is Jesus our Father, shout Hallelujah Amen!

Exalt his Name. Oh Hallelujah. There was great joy, shouting, dancing, African war cries and breaking into a lot of praising songs, when the sweet little bare footed disadvantaged children were told that St. George’s Church blessed our Sunday School and SPACC at large with whopping £6500 for putting up a better prayer hall and completion of the classrooms! Oh thank Jesus. God is Good, Brethren!!

As a way of expressing our gratitude, we decided to wave, make joyful shouts to the management and believers of St.Georges Church in Leeds UK.A friend in need is a friend indeed! And we have place a plaque in memory! The Greatest thanks however, go the God the Almighty who has enabled us get to all this.We declared divine happiness, Laughter, victory, long life, God’s Grace and favour over all the believers at St.George’s Church. With this money we surely shall do the purposes for which it has been sent, you just keep watch this blog for updates!

Long live Madam Sue Bishop (the mediator), long live Whitkirk
(http://www.whitkirk.leeds.sch.uk/). May the good Lord bless!

Yours abundantly, Amen.

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