13 September 2009

Expecting a Visitor from Leeds, UK

"I look forward to hearing from you and to develping an exchange programme which will benefit our children at Springs Alive and Whitkirk." - Leeds, UK

Thank you very much for having got in touch. It has been a long wait though and I think this time you will manage to make it. We are still very excited awaiting your visit to us my Dear! Needless to say , I have to mention here in this still very early introduction that Madam Sue Bishop really would want collaboration with your school to work! I can mention that she has seen our school get a new classroom block and now the exchange visit, to mention but a few!

(a picture of Chloe Hogdson with some of the Kids and Guardians at SPACC)

We therefore have very high expectation as a result of your coming here and also an innovation that will see our one time called impoverished school turn “to be of international renown”! I have shared with you a Google document on some more information of the expectations of visitors coming to Springs Alive and frequently asked questions.


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Springs Alive Children's Center said...

Praise God,Chloe Hodgson, as in the picture, came to SPACC & we were so blessed to having received such a precious visitor from whitkirk primary school in UK Leeds & you know what Chloe came as a result of an exchange visit we have with the British Government,thus one of the teachers at SPACC is supposed to travel to UK,how blessed!