13 September 2009

Great Need has Turned into Big Fun!!

Hallo there, great need has turned into big fun!!

It is unbelievable for a student from SPACC to compete with students of the so called better schools in the community and turns to be the best. What a privilege it was!!

Students at SPACC asked fellow students from other schools to join together for quiz competition, two from each school. The other students were so sure they would win ours, while the pupils of SPACC were half sure! Shockingly when the results came out, two from SPACC were the best.

Why did it happen?

Pupils from SPACC were always challenged by the messages in the letters they got especially from Creek View Primary school pupils. They do comment that the children seem to be younger than them but the things they talk about are big.


  • The clubs they have
  • The preparations they do towards Christmas
  • The topics they talk about; because most of their topics are studied in secondary school in Uganda e.g. History

Our pupils developed confidence which caused every teacher at SPACC to wonder. The pupils say that since they have international connections, they too must turn international and they are now very serious with their academics in order to be different from the local schools and pupils here.

During the struggle to become international, one student amazed the whole school. She failed to pass to go to Primary five last year,2008.She repeated Primary four in 2009 but said that “how can an international student fail a class? I will never be after the first best three”. Term one, she was the first and term two she was the second! No one believed she could perform that way. Internationalism!!!

Thank you our blog readers because through you SPACC has been put on the map (in the limelight!) in the community and outside. We have been able to put up more classrooms, also a friend from the U.S donated to us scholastic materials, which included learning aids such as charts, text books, writing pads, pencils to mention but a few.

Thank you for being so supportive in turning SPACC into a real school!!!

Have you ever seen or heard of unprofessional teachers challenging those who are the so called “professionals”? It has started happening at SPACC because really our teachers have a heart for the underprivileged children in our school.

Thank you

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