20 December 2009


7th and 8th December 2009 saw some Head teachers and teachers, headed to Namirembe Guest House Conference facilities for a seminar that is yet to rejuvenate our much longed schools partnerships mainly those in the U.K and Uganda.It is true that after such orientation, schools in Uganda will be able to take on their partners in U.K in the right direction given that there are several strategies the facilitators of this workshop brought to the attention of the participants.Among the issues talked about that need to be approached with a global mindset included;1.Controversies encountered during partnerships.2.Joint curricula ideas.3.Equity based relationships.4.Sustainable partnerships.5.The need for the Head teachers from both Uganda and U.K to meet and support the school collaboration.Clips of video presentations of such kind of Head teachers interventions were shown to the participants. The type of projects both schools should take on and their involvement without any being left out were also discussed; much of this will be taken to our discussion forums i.e. http://www.classroom20.com/profile/MARTINSEBULIBA

Many thanks go to the British Council facilitators, DFID Global schools partnerships, the materials they gave out during the seminar, the teachers who offered ideas and suggestions plus the certificates they awarded the participants at the end of the seminar as in the picture.British Council promised more workshops and close support on building effective partnerships. Further reference is also obtainable on the website i.e.; http://www.britishcouncil.org/globalschools