30 April 2010

Thank you Dr.Kathie

Dear Dr.kathie
Thank you
This was more than a giving hand that you stretched out to all of us at SPACC.
It was an event that can never be forgotten, a debt we cannot pay back. You really humbled us.
Surely SPACC can never be same again because of the learning materials you offered us, the sweet and polite speech you gave, lots of encouraging words you aired out to the community let alone the orientation we are yet to achieve of becoming Springs Alive children’s “learning” centre!
Thank you for accepting to be part of SPACC, besides affirming your endorsement with us. It is such a big commitment and also a wonderful achievement to us, we still have much to give back!
Also special thanks to Mr. Philip and Kelley for all they have done for us. We are sorry for any inconveniences you experienced. May the good lord give you long life, may you live to see many good days! God always be merciful to you for the mercy you have shown to SPACC!
Best regards;
Nalwebuga Teddy
Head teacher SPACC

01 April 2010


Welcome to April and spring! After our floods this week here in New England, today's sunshine is very welcome.I have a favor to ask of you who teach lower elementary. As you may remember, I'm making my first trip to Uganda later this month to bring materials and teaching strategies to a poor rural village school. The teachers are primarily untrained members of their community who teach
children aged 4 - 12 basic reading, writing, math and health. They need teaching strategies and lessons. I'm hoping some elementary teachers may have or be able to put together some simple (1 page) lessons as far as how to teach alphabet (perhaps a sheet explaining how to teach each letter, or cursive), math, hygiene, etc. I'm not looking for "handout masters" as the school has no electricity nor paper, so lessons are done verbally using a chalk board. I just need ways that the adults can learn HOW to teach elementary concepts. I can also take electronic "power point"
presentations for teachers as they do have a laptop that they charge in town and then can bring out for the teachers to view. Email me if you need more information or are interested in helping in other ways utilizing your own students to construct lessons. Before my trip to Uganda, I'll be returning next week to Toronto for a day of Layered Curriculum® training at North Albion Collegiate and then to
Oklahoma City for a day at Heritage Hall. New workshops are in the planning for New York and Oklahoma. My calendar is posted on the website. If you are looking to schedule a workshop for the next school year, please send me and email or visit:http://help4teachers.com/workshops.htm
As always, my best to yours,Kathie