09 February 2011


The beginning of any school term is the time when students have to return to school. You have to sympathize with parents, guardians and benefactors for the task they have in finding school fees. Some have no jobs and those with jobs hardly earn enough to pay the fees.
Out of desperation, many parents turn to banks and loan sharks to borrow money to pay the school fees. Its a noble cause, but quite risky, because it makes them vulnerable to extortion. I have seen parents that have been borrowing money in order to meet their needs and when it comes time to pay the debt, they have to borrow from somewhere else. Its the classic 'borrowing from Peter to pay Paul' scenario. It is important to seek advise either legally or from friends and family about the choice of the lender.
A parent may opt for a cheap education as an alternative, but you will find that it’s not actually that cheap or free and in any case it may end up spoiling your child.
There is usually a need for the parent to support the school through providing scholastic materials for their children, school uniform and lunch plus getting involved in the school’s development programs like fund-raising, supporting sustainable projects and even the actual monitoring of whether one’s child is really studying.
Parents have proven that they can go the distance to see their children through school; in turn, the children ought to do their best in school.
Pay attention in all your classes and remember to forge friendships and engage in sport and drama. Most importantly, be mindful of the sacrifices your parents are making to ensure you have a good education.
Please work hard at school because your future is literally in your hands.
Have a good term and please share with us your experiences!

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