16 November 2011


Oh what a wonder that as Chief Administrator of Springs Alive Community School(SPACS) I happened to be invited for the fundraising event that was organized by Multitech Business School Rotaractors.

While here I was mesmerized at the way the rotaractors had organized this event that brought together many Rotarians,interactors and rotaractors from various clubs around Kampala including Mulago,Kasangati,Mengo,Kasubi,Nansana to mention but a few.

There were several items that had been set for auction in order to raise funds for SPACS including a Rotaractors sculpture, buying money etc etc.

This did not all end there, on 4th November 2011 MBS rotaractors headed a group of about 20 other people to Springs Alive Community School in order to have time together!

At SPACS we shared a lot of eats, drinks, working in the kitchen together, played football, skipped ropes and so many other activities. We need your comments on the pictures we posted; click the link; http://on.fb.me/tNMapl

It was wonderful to see the rotaractors giving pencils and exercise books to each of the pupils; they were about 120 pupils present. They also carried with themselves clothes, bags, shoes, Text books and a huge box of chalk all for the children at SPACS.

We ran short of words and failed to express our gratitude!! Multitech Business School Rotaract club is indeed a seed that germinates and bring forth good fruit and many eat on it. Its shade a resting place for the small children as those at SPACS.

It all started as a very big scary project; given the fact that the rotaractors had made a needs assessment and the needs were enormous. Several meetings were sat to check the feasibility of the project. It was really a great joy seeing the fundraising drive happen.

But the greatest thing of all was when we went to the forementioned children’s centre (now community school). This was epitome of joy. The children were happy to see us and the Rotaractors were also reciprocating the happiness. Save for the journey back, where the rotaractors bought all the sugarcane that were being sold at all spots on the road. INDEED IT WAS SERVICE THROUGH FELLOWSHIP AND FUN! We are going back soon because we left our hearts at Springs Alive Children Centre,said the rotaractors.

Springs Alive Community School is a school that has continued to thrive as a result of such interventions, thus Multitech Business School Rotaract club goes into the records of SPACS as our partner in development toward the issue of ensuring that the needy children of SPACS do attain some education.

Here is the link of the video that was taken that day;http://bit.ly/vx0ZDL

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Larisa Tarasevich said...

Dear students,
We've read about your latest school event. We would like to know about your traditions. Could you write us about celebrating Christmas in your country? We are writing letters and Christmas cards for you. You will get them in December.
Students from Russia.
Mrs.Tarasevich - English teacher.


At Springs Alive community school,

We still have fresh memories of the sort of support that was spearheaded by the rotaract club of Multitech Business School to us.

We have had two terms without having to buy chalk for the school, pupils not buying books, pens and pencils,the parents and guardians of the children are so thankful!

It is a great achievement for Springs Alive community school to have great friends as such,we miss them at the school and look forward for another great chance to have them visit us again because they are of great value to us.

You surely did show us love and care!!

Well done Rotaractors