21 May 2012


If you've been following Kathie Nunley's newsletter for awhile, you know that they've adopted a small village school in Kakiri, Uganda. If you are not familiar, please watch our short video at: Nunley for Uganda she heard from the school director this week with an urgent plea. A storm has torn a large hole in the side of one of their 2 primitive buildings, making it unstable. In addition, they were unable to raise funds to make the required improvements to their pit latrine. The Kakiri Town Council is threatening to close the school. They have been given 2 weeks to make the repairs or close - leaving the village children without any school and most without at least one daily meal. They need $600 to make the minimum repairs. she's hoping at least 60 readers of her newsletter can find a way to collect $10 from their school / classes to donate to help Springs Alive school. Most of us know that just having a can to collect spare change can easily secure $10. We need it by the first part of next week. You can donate w/ your credit card at our bookshop: You will see an order button in the to!p row, right under the blue Help4Teacher banner Email me if you have any questions. THANK YOU