28 June 2013

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow. Abdul Kalam

The main challenge facing Springs Alive Community School (SPACS) is dealing with a large number of children who do attend our school.We talk to parents and guardians of these children and we tell them to send their children, and that we will 'make a plan' to help them pay.

Because so many parents cannot afford the $10 minimum we ask for every child, we accept many children who cannot afford to pay. We do this to avoid having them abandoned at home, doing household chores, selling in the markets, digging in the gardens, etc.

SPACS is constantly burdened with finding the funds to cover these children who cannot afford to pay. Costs include basic essentials such as paying the teachers and feeding the children and teachers. It does not even include finding qualified teachers or catering for all the other school facilities.

We are working with the Local authorities to address this issue. SPACS currently caters to about 160 pupils. There remain about 200 children in the community that should be coming to SPACS.
• 60 of them are still at home for failure to have minimal school requirements.
• 30 of them are attending school but not paying anything.
• 6 of them are teacher’s children.
• 74 of them try to make their contributions but most times it’s lacking.

We ask that you help us address this issue by standing with SPACS in working towards having all our community children attend school. You can do this by helping us find the necessary contributions to cover the services we want to offer. We only need $40 per term for each child. This amount will allow us to have:
• Good teachers
• Lunch
• Exams
• Medical care and the like

We at Springs Alive, thank you for your kindness and for helping our children. We remain dedicated to serving the community.