Description of SPACC,mission, how long it has been around, its main programs, number of staff

A number of reforms have taken place in Uganda. These reforms have occurred in almost all Government sectors i.e. Health, Educational; Social economic, political etc. These transformations have led to the emergence of a new economical way of doing things both in private and public sectors.
These developments have and will continue to create diverse and unbelievable challenges for service delivery, especially in the public sector.
In the wake of these reforms, many individuals have been involved in the management of delicate positions of service delivery. Most of them either in private or public sectors, their skills, techniques and experience are inadequate. Many different research undertakings indicate that there are alot of deficiencies of capacity, thus poor service delivery at different levels.
Many Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’S) or Community Based Organisation (CBO’S) have sprung up in the country to carry out service delivery at the grassroots and to close up the gap between the government and the people at the grassroots. The foregoing notwithstanding, the gaps have remained and are likely to continue to negate the performance of many Organisations, thus the establishment of Springs Alive, with numerous programmes; ie. Education, Peace & conflict studies, Health Environment, Research etc. and in collaboration with other Organisations which are aimed at closing this gap.
Springs Alive can be described as an excellent Organisation that has resulted out of consultancy and research works by different experts and volunteers as well as contribution from people locally, where the establishment of the Organisation exists. The Organisation started at a time when service delivery was required at the grassroot. Thus its determination to respond to the increasing demand for service delivery with appropriate competence. It is well known that the decentralisation system of Governance ushered in by the NRM (National Resistance Movement), the ruling Party, and mainly in the Public sector, has passed on a gigantic challenge for service delivery at the grassroot. This has really increased the need for development in the delivering of services to the people in the rural areas. In the different divisions of Springs Alive under which fall the programmes of SPA, the need for managerial skills for service delivery to private and public centres,there is still an immediate future challenge which needs appropriate arrangement and proper skilled management.The need for institutional and individual accountability is no longer a wish or an opinion but a must for all because accountability and transparency are the only ways to show managerial capability.All this calls for the emergence of institutions dedicated to ensuring that the current and future management of service delivery in rural areas is competent and capable of delivering services to the people satisfactorily.
SPA is committed and dedicated to ensure that the services required at the grassroots should be delivered to the beneficiaries involving all the appropriate stakeholders.
Therefore SPA is now here to answer the call by private and public sectors to deliver services accordingly.
Springs Alive (SPA) is a registered, non-profit, community based organization based in Uganda that strives to improve the quality of life in the region for the underprivileged by establishing effective, efficient and affordable social services. SPA is dedicated to providing services that will see the underpriviledged in our society achieve their goals of a peaceful and improved life.
SPA has succeeded in its first objective of establishing a community center that also serves as a school for over 150 children. The school has succeeded in remaining operational since 2006 with the support of the local community, several partnerships and volunteer teachers.
Springs Alive Children’s Centre (SPACC) is a response to change a pressing social development order in Sebbi Lugeye. It is drawn from the long experience of the promoters who have for long sought for change in communities. It’s been noted that Child survival within this area leaves alot to be desired and this was &/or is mainly brought about by wide spread HIV/AIDS, the occurrence of the 1986 bush war, Early marriages, biting poverty, illiteracy and backwardness as a result of poor &/or unserious backgrounds. Children that finish Primary Seven in many cases fail to continue because they cannot manage to pay for any further studies, they resort to bad behaviors like engaging bad groups, smoking marijuana etc.
SPA is based in Sebbi-Lugeye village, Kakiri Town Council in Wakiso District, about 22 km from Kampala. It is registered with the Wakiso District Administration-Community Development Office (Reg.No.WCBO/934/06).