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Springs Alive is a community development initiative in Ssebi-Lugeye Community of Wakiso District, Kakiri Town Council. The community initiative is to organize and mobilize the community for Primary social services integrated with economic development. This initiative, based on identified needs of the community, is still growing.
This initiative is the result of a comprehensive community participatory planning process involving beneficiaries and promoters, and recognizing the contribution of other key stakeholders in the battle against backwardness,povery, illiteracy, diseases etc in Uganda at- large and Wakiso in particular.
The idea of starting a community development initiative at Ssebi was muted way back in 1987 by the late Ms. Florence Nagawa (RIP) a nurse by profession. Ms. Florence Nagawa had a vision of improving the quality of life of the community through provision of social services. She started doing so in her homestead in Ssebbi, but ill health and eventually death didn’t allow her to see her vision to fruition. Since her death in 2001, the services have been on and off.
The promoters of the project and the Advisory Board comprising of Martin Sebuliba (son of the deceased), who is also the Chairman of Springs Alive and Mr.Ssemmanda Aloysious,the Chairman Advisory Board of Springs Alive resolved to carry on with the vision of the late Florence Nagawa (RIP) in the house of the deceased which was disused then. This was to contribute to the efforts of the government to extend primary social services to the people of this part of Uganda. The initiative is working in partnership with the government to deliver community services to the people of this area, and respond to other economic development needs of the population of the Ssebi– Lugeye community and the surrounding areas.
The promoters recognize the ever-increasing community needs of Wakiso, superseding by far the available interventions. The promoters’ mission is to improve the quality of life of the community especially the disadvantaged through promotion of the observance of simple primary social services and integrated with poverty reduction measures.
Since this initiative was re-awakened, its support has grown to over 500 community members led by the chairperson of Ssebbi Lugeye. Its inspiration has mainly been the development of Wakiso. This concept recognizes the availability of other stakeholders in community and does not intend to duplicate their services. Its mission is to augment or to compliment other stakeholders for better results.