Why this project is necessary and what problem or need the project will address.

This project is intended to address the urgent need to improve the standards of the needy children because currently the environment in which they study is not conducive due to lack of resources to make it better. It is therefore true that even enrollment of capable children who can help pay some money to work on the welfare of these children are not attracted to do so.
For the community, it will provide good and cheap education to children who are not needy because SPA is not profit oriented but rather covers the financial gap to fulfill its obligations. Secondly, many people in the community will be employed as teachers, builders, and casual laborers in order to increase output, thus bridging the gap, in response to the need to set up and empower these children even when they are out of school with vocational life skills to help them earn a living, which is actually one of the aims of this project.